how to make $50,000 a month with foreclosure clean-out Business Part 1

how to make $50,000 a month with foreclosure clean-out .

how to make $50,000 a month with foreclosure clean-out .

Article Topic:  In this article, you are going learn how to make $50,000 a month with foreclosure clean-out business. Complete Guide Line.


how to make $50,000 a month with foreclosure clean-out .

how to make $50,000 a month with foreclosure clean-out.


Why this new Foreclosures business??

Foreclosures have increased tenfold in the past years.
This leaves banks overwhelmed with properties that need to be cleaned out before they can put on the market.
A lot of people are looking either to supplement their income or to get some addition. Have it you a whole new income while they’re either you’re out of work or looking for work or whatever but this terrible financial crisis is actually it’s actually built a new industry which you can jump into was real all the only training you need is what you’re getting.

  • You’re going to be amazed how little training you actually need. Everyone knows the reason that foreclosures have increased by tenfold in the past few years.
  • You can imagine how overwhelmed the banks are to get these things cleaned out and put back on the market.
    Something that people and you know banks real urges to do peace male years ago.We just to have their son or brother-in-law take care of has moved into a full-time industry because there’s just too many of them:

This is they just can’t be handled.
This is where you can jump in and build either a part-time business or a full-time business for yourself.
Just think is so wonderful for everybody out.

How much experience does this require for foreclosure business?

Many people merely enter the business with a truck a willingness to work hard.

All you need is a truck or a truck you can rent and a willingness to work hard. That’s all. This takes I mean you need:

  • No special schooling
  • No degrees.

This is what people are that I’ve spoken to all over the country are getting into this and doing this have been so amazed at I mean everything is hard work. Just but it is a doable business without having to go back to school. I know one man in Port Huron Michigan who is doing 12 to 14 cleaners a month and getting around $2,000 to $2,500. You know that the building business fell off and he got into this and he was has made so much more than he’s ever made as a carpenter. It just brought his friends into the business with him so it’s just your willingness to work.

How to get a truck for foreclosure business?

  • Sometimes you can get a friend’s truck
  • You can either rent a truck from Home Depot.
  • Or someplace like that for you need.
  • It just for a day so doesn’t even go run out and buy a truck.
  • There are trucks that you can rent all over the place. You know these panels trucks and just do that.

What does it cost to start foreclosure business?

  • Actually very little. Most People buy
  • business Cards,
  • Invoice sheets.
  • Office Supply stores.

Usually, they dedicate one cell phone to the business.

It’s very little all you need is a couple some business cards, You can go to any Kinkos or office supplies and make up some business cards you’re going to need some invoice sheets from an office supply store.

Dedicated number for foreclosure business:

I would suggest if you have a cell phone that’s dedicated &  that number dedicated to this business.

How to use the Dedicated number for foreclosure business?

If you use it for a lot of things but you can probably use this cell phone. You have right now for this just so your kids aren’t on it make sure it’s just you answering it. Your wife through whoever helping you with this. Along it’s your phone and just answers with your own name when people call in but you can see the cost of getting this business is very little.

Do I need to advertise on yellow pages or billboards??

Buying standard advertising seems to be ineffective in this business and is really a waste of money and time.
I mean it’s really just going to be your labor and your energy that’s going to start this foreclosure business. The invoice Chiefs obviously need those business cards because you do need a business card. Don’t worry about a catchy name. Just call it. you know your last name so and so’s clean out Thompson’s clean out that’s number and address and you know. We guarantee our work or something and that’s all you need to start what about advertising this is where I really want to dissuade. You from making huge errors you do not need:

  • Yellow page advertising.
  • Billboards.

You don’t need any of that stuff buying standard advertising is.
It’s just a waste of time in this foreclosure business. This is not how you get the business. So when you start talking to people please don’t let anyone tell you a bunch of unnecessary advertising it’s a waste of your money. Hang on to your money. I mean you need your money right now. So hang on to it but people who give out this work do not look in

  • Yellow Pages.
  • Billboards.
  • don’t look at postcards you send out –
  • don’t do any of that type of stuff.


I’m going to tell you how to get the business and it’s your labor it’s free. You do not need to spend any money besides the business cards and a couple other little things. I mean save your money so this is a real low entry business. You do not a lot of money to enter but

be careful! People trying to sell you advertisements and all sorts of things. I mean if you want to put it in yours. You know child’s program at school you’re doing it as a charity does not expect it to get business from any of that stuff. That’s up to you. I’m going to tell you it’s not how you get your business but I will tell you:

  • how to get your foreclosure business here.

  • How to get clients For foreclosure business.

What about tools and equipment needs for foreclosure business ??

Computer or Laptop with Internet Connection-Preferable DSL as you will be receiving most work orders via email.
Email address-you will need an email address to sign up for all the national asset management companies & banks-try email or Yahoo as they are free and you can hold a lot of email messages.
Cell Phone “you may also want to have internet available so you can check your email while you are out on a job.
Scanner or Fax Machine-you do not have to have this to start up, but eventually, you will want to get one-the the best ones are multi-machines that copy, scan, fax, and print-it will make your life a lot easier once you get busy
Digital Camera-you will be taking lots of pictures, shop around and you can usually get a good deal on a digital camera.
Clipboard-this makes it easier when you are out on a job to take notes on the property.
Car or transportation as you will be traveling to the foreclosed homes

Property Preservation Worksheet – Checklist

Foreclosure Cleanup Business tools and Equipment List:

You’re going to need to know what about tools and equipment. Well, Let me make real clear to you what this business is this is this is a clean out business you are not a home repair business. I said that the carpenter got into this but this is what’s really different. You’re in a different business. I’m going to tell you why this is so super important a lot of taxes and liability and all sorts of other things associated with home repair. So you have to you have to bill yourself as a clean out business.

  1. Lawn Mower-if you intend on performing lawn maintenance services.
  2. Edger-if you intend on performing lawn maintenance services.
  3. Cleaning Supplies-Bleach, window cleaner, etc.
  4. Vacuum.
  5. Broom and Dust Pan.
  6. Rags and Paper Towels.
  7. Trash Bags.
  8. Measuring Tape-if you are going to board up windows & broken doors-you will need to measure the space.
  9. Work Gloves-many of these properties are very dirty and may have hazardous materials, have work gloves for all of your workers.
  10. Trash Can.

First if you just so happen to know how to repair things or you were a painter or you have painter working with you or you can do minor carpentry or plumbing or a lot of the guys to get into this are in the trades or they’re the fireman or something. You know how to do things you’re just handy that’s fine. But you want to start a clean out business initially. That’s the rate where you want to start and you want to bid those jobs separately you bid them as clean-out work.

If you know you’re out there and the person you’re who’s giving you the work. Says you know can you do something about that siding that’s loose or can you know straight up that those shutters? That is broken or can you know place a windowpane that’s fine. But put those on separate bids because you want to start a cleaning business there’s a lot of reasons

  • Why a lot of legal reasons??
  • Why I’m going to tell you ??
  • Why but initially you do a clean-out??

A clean-out is not repairing. It’s cleaning out a property but cleaning out I don’t want you to be confused with a maid service you’re not a maid service. You know you’re a

  • Clean out service.
  • Removal service.

Foreclosure Cleanup -Tips For Starting A Successful Property Preservation Company

Can you set your own hours??

Basically Yes and No. If you accept a clean-out job you must do it promptly.

But if wish to be out-of-town, then merely don’t bid on upcoming work.

I mean you can set you just get to get your work done. Promptly when you accept a job. You know you need to get done quickly because what people want from you’re going to be out-of-town. Then just don’t bid on work coming up. Make sure you just don’t take a Bid and you don’t complete it promptly these. These people need these houses cleaned out. So they can be sold. I mean that’s their goal so you’re being you know steady and getting the job done quickly. Thoroughly is what they’re looking for but it is your own hours meaning.

Employee recruitment  for Foreclosure Cleanup Business:


Can family Members work for me in Foreclosure Cleanup Business?

Yes, clean-out bids are given to you who you chose to hire and help you is up to you.
Also, have people you can hire hourly to help you, a fireman is good candidates because they work shift work.
If you have to and for some people who work out. Great!!

Let’s see can family members work for me of course. You can get them to work for you. You know a lot of people when they start. If you get the work. What you’re going to find most of the people I know doing this.

We update every 2 days. So stay tuned for next parts.


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