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Work Orders

Maintenance orders
Maintenance orders are a bit long and processing them is a challenge. Expertise and proper experience plays the main role here. Small errors could bring big charge backs and keeping pace with the same thoughts we process maintenance orders with utmost carefulness. Our team is ready to provide any kinds of solution to any problems and adapt according to the clients needs. Adaptation is the key to run successful business.
Grass Cut Orders
Grass grows in almost everywhere where there is a little earth. As beautiful it is as a aesthetics enhancer it also looks very bad when its over sized. During the busy season of Summer grass cut becomes emergency in properties and we process all kinds of grass cut orders for almost every clients. With proper eyeballing and bidding our processors are the best in grass-cut order processing.
Winterrization Orders
Snow blocks the driveway and grounds in the winter making it proprietary to clean. During the winter we process Winterization/De-winterization order processing as well. Maintaining all the standard guidelines and checking the photos we process winterization work orders and bill for the clients

Why Choose Us?

  • Save your time and money
  • Have Access to Global Professionals
  • Experienced Processors
  • Save your money on Office space & other expenses
  • Reduce costs
  • All 24/7 Availability, Whole Year
  • With prices half of your present cost and experienced processors we can deliver your work before schedule
  • We can save your additional costs incurred
  • Our processors are experienced & trained for Field Processing work and each professional can process 10 to 15 maintenance orders or, 30-35 Grass cut Orders in a day which includes Photo Uploading, Labeling, BIDS and Invoicing.
  • Relax with your work in our hands
  • Daily reporting
  • In-house QC
  • We do not outsource

Client Systems We Have Worked With

Client Reviews

  • Owner
    They are very much professional, well experienced and good processors, I have mcs orderds to process and they do it very well, did not have problem with bids and invoice amount except one or two times minor cases.
    property preservation...florida
  • Owner
    Aide Property Preservation Service is extremely efficient and took care of everything. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone and everyone in need of property preservation order processing.
    property preservation...Los Angeles
  • Owner
    Expert and experienced, two words I would like to describe them with. I send them MCS and Safeguard work orders everyday and they process them with utmost care. Well, one or two minor flaws is present but its expected as companies like theirs have to process immense amount of work orders everyday. I would recommend them to any client who wants to get their work done.
    LA, Preservation Company

Our Process

Easy Steps


Let us know about your work and client's software ex. safeguard, mcs, corelogic etc and email us contact@aidepropertypreservation.com or, call us (929) 282 0249. One of our agents or our business manager will get back to you with all the necessary details and would setup a trial what is FREE OF COST. Before going to the trial we will have a discussion with you and one of our project manager so that we know about your processing procedures like bidding, priorities etc and we will process few orders for you and save for your review.

The Handshake

If our processing suits your needs, then we will go through with paperwork and will have one Project Manager assigned to you from whom you will get all the updates and feedback.

Following the routine

we will get all the work orders off the queue everyday, process through and send you the report of each days activity including problematic orders, orders not found in vendor web or if an order doesn't have enough photos. The responsible project manager will contact with you or one of your manager for all types of support, feedback and updates.
  • are you looking for Safeguard updater
  • MCS